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New Straits Times Article

Allen doesn’t only depend on his music to make a difference. He has done years of philanthropy work in countries all over the world, even before he participated in American Idol.

“If I can make a difference, then I will do it. That’s part of the legacy I want to leave behind. It isn’t always about yourself and achieving success, but also about giving back and showing others that it doesn’t take a lot to do big things,” he says.

He is also involved in music education programmes, which were a huge part of his life while growing up.

“I’d also like to be involved in kids’ lives, whether or not they become successful musically,” he admits. “Whenever I go home to Arkansas, I will hang out with this boy who is a big fan of mine and who has cancer. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.”

Read the complete article at New Straits Times

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